Jim Walls speaks at TED-X OSU

On April 17th 2012, I had the privilege of speaking at the first Oregon State University TED-X program. Despite being nervous about being the last speaker of the day, the evening went really well. In fact being the last speaker turned out to be great. Bill Gates proceeded me (through a pre-recorded video) and spoke […]

Paisley 2012 Cool Schools Feasibility Grant

The Paisley School District is critical to the economic well being of the community. If the school ever had to close the economic fall out would be considerable as students would have to travel 90 miles/day to attend school. This would mean employers like the Forest Service would not be able to attract employees with […]

Be wattsmart

Good news for Pacific Power customers. In collaboration with Energy Trust of Oregon, Pacific Power is now offering energy efficiency assistance to its customers. Yesterday, Tim Thomson of Energy Trust and Toby Freeman of Pacific Power gave a talk on wattsmart, Pacific Power’s energy efficiency program. The talk was held at Mario’s Restaurant in Lakeview, […]

Black Cap Solar construction

  Black Cap (2MW) and Lakeview (366kW) solar projects were completed Fall of 2012. The projects were built by Obsidian Finance Group. Pacific Power purchased the 2 MW project upon completion. Even more exciting are Obsidian’s plans to build a 5 MW solar plant near Christmas Valley.

Boss of the Year!

We’re proud to announce that we succeeded in getting our boss, Jim, selected as the 2012 Boss of the Year. The award is given by the Lake County Chamber of Commerce and the Business Association of Lake County. At the award ceremony, the Chamber’s directory Audrey Henry said the decision was not easy. However, despite […]

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En Route to Being a Net Exporter of Renewable Energy

Things are looking good for the Lake County Renewable Energy Working Group’s goal of making Lake County a net exporter of renewable energy by December 2012. As long as the five renewable energy project currently slated for construction stay on schedule then we should make our goal by the end of 2013. Table 1 provides […]

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PBS Visits Lake County

    Spring 2012 LCRI took PBS’s This American Land show for a whirl wind tour of Lake County. We introduced them to the folks that are turning Lake County around with renewable energy and environmental stewardship. Here are some of the highlights: To view the PBS video about Lake County click here, Renewable Energy […]

Lake County, the New Energy Frontier

Lake County, the New Energy Frontier Lake County Resources Initiative 2012 Update I. 2012 key activities When drilling the re-injection well for the City of Paisley geothermal 2MW plant they hit another excellent source of geothermal and as a result the project will be a 2.5MW plant. The power plant has been ordered and will […]