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About Us

Lake County Resources Initiative (LCRI) aims to bring Lake County, Oregon both economic and environmental prosperity. While we’ve been known to contribute to efforts that benefit the County’s schools, hospitals, libraries, we primarily focus on identifying and promoting business activities that benefit the environment. One of our biggest accomplishments so far has been to assist over 85 homes and ranches lower their utility bills through renewable energy. The saving is substantial and economic analysis shows that LCRI’s work will save Lake County residents $9 million dollars in the next 10 years.

We aimed to bring eco-friendly prosperity to the county through three focuses: biophysical monitoring, and large and small scale renewable energy. With biophysical monitoring, we hope to strengthen the ability of landowners, as well as state and federal agencies to manage the county’s forests and grasslands. We do this by monitoring and reporting the impact of actions taken to improve forest and grassland health. Our findings are pointing us toward better treatment methods and helping us better care for the land.

We like to say Lake County can do every type of renewable energy except for wave…but if global warming holds true wave might become an option too. Though as long as the Cascade Mountains keep the Pacific at bay, we’ll seek to promote the county’s ample biomass, geothermal, solar, small hydro and wind energy. Lake County is blessed with high intensity solar rays and a five hour solar day, together these give the county the potential to produce some 300 MWs of electricity. Currently 64 MWs of geothermal are under development and a lot more is expect to become available. With a million plus acres of overstocked forest there is plenty of material to support heat generation from biomass burning. Additionally, our geothermal heated waters may make a great medium to grow fuel oil providing algae. For large scale production (MW or more), Lake County’s winds aren’t proving consistent enough. However, the winds are reliable enough to power the wells, lighting systems, and homes of our ranchs.

Which leads us to small scale renewable energy for not only our ranches but also our homes and businesses. Since 2009, LCRI has helped design over 85 small scale solar, geothermal, and wind projects.

To learn more about our efforts and partners please take a look at the rest of our website. Please also don’t hesitate to call or write with concerns or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi, I have 20 acres about 6 miles s/w of Christmas Valley. could you tell me if any electricity is available in that area Zoned A1.
    township 27 south,range 17 E of Willamette section 30 email 1/2 see 1/4 me 1/4
    thank you, Ralph Kirn

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