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The following are the key accomplishments since 2002:

Cooperation –

  • Assisted two local wood products producers become members of SNW’s small diameter wood products marketing effort: Healthy Forests Healthy Communities Partnership
  • Formed Long-range Strategy for Federal Stewardship Unit

Environmental Improvement –

  • Assisted the Fremont National Forest set aside several contracts totaling $270,000 as Historically Under-utilized Business (HUB) Zone contracts
  • Developed a plan to become a net exporter of renewable energy by December 2012
  • Secured $3.5 million in restoration dollars for the Lakeview Stewardship Unit

Economic –

  • Led twenty contractors to participate in a forum to learn about upcoming opportunities in federal contracting
  • Trained 12 contractors on how to conduct business with the government and how to prepare bids
  • Assisted 10 contractors to obtain Historical Under-utilized Business (HUB) Zone certification
  • Assisted 15 contractors to sign up for Region 6 engine and tender contracts. Seven local firms participate in contracts and earn over $50,000
  • Secured the re-authorization of the Lakeview Federal Sustained Yield Unit in 2001
  • Secured a 20-year supply agreement from Forest Service and BLM to provide the Collins Mill with timber.
  • Helped to secure a 10-year USFS Stewardship contract to Collins Companies within the Unit
  • Attracted Iberdrola Renewables to build 26.9 MW biomass plant
  • Brought $1.9 million in new disposable income since 2008 in reduced energy costs for homes, businesses and ranches in Lake County as a result of LCRI renewable energy work. It is projected that LCRI overall renewable energy efforts will result in over $9 million in energy savings. (Richard L. Gardner, PhD, TFF Impacts on Lake County, Dec. 2011)


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