Our Mission

LCRI’s mission is:

To demonstrate a sustainable approach to natural resources to ensure quality of life for present and future generations.

Our Vision:

  • Promote and share an understanding of the inter-relationships between people and their environment. LCRI believes that by promoting healthy ecosystems, natural resource products can provide economic opportunities to local communities.
  • Develop opportunities for family-wage jobs through ecologically sound and sustainable practices. LCRI is active in educating the work force about economic opportunities that result from managing forests for ecological health and helping local workers access federal contracting opportunities.
  • Encourage and facilitate new ideas and technologies. LCRI is currently involved in demonstrating new technologies such as small diameter tree shears, low psi harvesting equipment and new opportunities such as small diameter wood products.
  • Design and manage resource-based projects and services in the communities of Lake County, Oregon. LCRI is working in several partnerships to provide local employment through benefits to the land–examples include biophysical monitoring, stream restoration and exploring feasibility for a local co-generation facility.

With close ties to the Lakeview Stewardship Group and Lake County Renewable Energy Working Group, and a strong local Board of Directors, LCRI is taking action to promote a strong economy based on a healthy and thriving environment.