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Forest Collaboration

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Renewable Energy

  • A Case Study: Creating Community Support to build Lake County’s New Natural Resource Economy (2015) Lake County began their renewable energy efforts after gaining success and momentum from their successful collaborative forest restoration efforts.  They gathered active community members and local stakeholders to form a Lake County Renewable Energy Working Group.
  • Build a Solar – Andy Kerr, environmental consultant and activists, shares the his experience with solar voltaic panels for his home and office. He explains how he arrived at the decision to go solar and how his system gave him an internal rate of return of 19.25% and exceeded his energy production estimates.
  • Impacts on Lake County: An Analysis of Energy Savings and Energy Project Impacts – While many communities can benefit greatly from industrial renewable energy power plants, communities should not under estimate what residential and small business renewable energy systems and energy efficiency measures can do for them. Today’s solar, wind, geothermal and energy saving technologies for homes and businesses can provide an extra $200 to $400 a month to homeowners and businesses. This large increase in disposable income benefits home and building owners and their communities alike. In 2011 Tom Gallagher, Ford Family Leadership Institute hired Richard Gardner, PhD Economist, to look at the savings renewable energy was bringing homeowners, businesses and ranchs in Lake County over the past two years. We were amazed to find that out of 22 projects the average income was approximately $6,000 dollars each over a year and the total income of the projects over the life of the equipment is was $1.9 million. Now that is a significant amount of new income for Lake County. These findings make us very excited to continue helping homeowners and businesses reduce their energy needs and produce their own energy. Just imagine how energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems could benefit all the communities of the nation.
  • Lake County Renewable Energy Implementation Strategy – The plentiful transmission lines and solar, biomass, and geothermal resources of Lake County make it an ideal place for renewable energy. The Lake County Renewable Energy Implementation Strategy lists and provides information on the projects currently being considered for production. collaborative
  • Project Horizon Solar Voltaic Installation Christmas Valley, Oregon – Written by the Oregon Military Department to provide information about its 150 kW solar facility Project Horizon. Project Horizon is located in northern Lake County near the community of Christmas Valley.
  • Southern Oregon Regional Biomass Supply Analysis – Mater Engineering’s assessment of whether there is enough biomass within 100 miles of Lakeview, Oregon to fuel the Lakeview Biomass Project. Its findings suggest that as long as the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management work together to provide a steady fuel supply then there is enough fuel to fuel the Biomass Project.
  • It’s Easy Being Green – A rural county finds a surprisingly easy economic path to energy sufficiency and carbon offsets. Issue #48, The Magazine, July 31, 2014.

Climate Change

  • The_Cowboy,_The_Outlaw,_and_The_Kid.– These are stories that seek to inspire, inform, and perhaps change perceptions of the character of rural America as partners in this effort. We believe that rural people are the first responders to the impacts of climate change. They are those most intimately connected to the land we all depend on, and hold the collective knowledge to steward the resources that sustain us.
  • Lake County, Oregon: Offsetting Abiotic Carbon Emissions Through Renewable Energy– Is a report demonstrating how utilizing renewable energy Lake County has the potential of offsetting all our abiotic carbon dioxide emissions.

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