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Thanks to Artistic Contributors

Graphic Design

LCRI has Stevie Ruda to thank for the website’s logo, header, and color scheme. She’s an Adobe InDesign guru and our website would not look nearly as beautiful without her work and guidance. We’d love to provide her contact information with a glowing recommendation but Stevie’s asked us not to. Her design work for the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) keeps her plenty busy. Fortunately for us, our forest collaboration work scored us some sympathy points with her bosses and they decided to let Stevie lend us a hand. So much thanks to the Forest Service and BLM and especially to Stevie!


Chris Jones is a former Lake County resident and now calls Santa Fe, New Mexico his home. As you can see from his picture of Hart Mountain, Chris is a very talented photographer. While I’m particularly fond of his landscape work, his website shows he does pretty well with people too. Take a look at his work and send him an email when you need a photographer that can truly capture the essence of the West.

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