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Biophysical Monitoring

Since 2002 the Chewaucan Biophysical Monitoring Team (CBMT) has contributed to our understand of the Fremont-Winema National Forest. The team is lead by Clair Thomas, a former Lakeview high school teacher and biologist, and local high school students LCRI has hired and trained to study the workings of Fremont-Winema Forest. By critically analyzing the impacts of forest treatments, their work has uncovered many misconceptions about proper restoration of high desert forests and highlighted promising new restoration practices.

Their work and the willingness of the Forest Service to act on their findings have not only improved the health of the Fremont-Winema but also made environmental and conservation groups confident that the Fremont-Winema is on a good track to recovery. Additionally, their research improved forest treatments by debunking and vetting numerous treatment practices.

All of the publications and reports of the CBMT can be found here.

Data for the CBMT can be found here



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Monitoring crew

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