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lakeThe Lakeview Stewardship Group (LSG), following reauthorization of the Lakeview Federal Stewardship Unit, presented ecologist Richard Hart with the task of developing a monitoring plan that would answer questions asked by the group. Establishing an educational link between this monitoring effort and local schools was one goal of the plan. The Chewaucan Biophysical Monitoring Project has brought that plan to life.

The Chewaucan Biophysical Monitoring Project, a program of the Lake County Resources Initiative, examines the relationships within the Chewaucan watershed and observes trends over time. The monitoring itself involves recording data collected in four main areas: aquatics, canopy, vegetation, and soils. The data recorded is then stored in a relational database to answer the driving questions of the project.

The biophysical monitoring team consists of eight college students, all residents of Lake County. Under the direction of Clair Thomas. Each of the students specializes in one of the four areas but is attentive to the roles of the other members as well.

The information presented within this website represents multiple summers of monitoring.

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