En Route to Being a Net Exporter of Renewable Energy

Lake County en route to becoming a net-exporter of renewable energy

Things are looking good for the Lake County Renewable Energy Working Group’s goal of making Lake County a net exporter of renewable energy by December 2012. As long as the five renewable energy project currently slated for construction stay on schedule then we should make our goal by the end of 2013.

Table 1 provides the break down of how each project will contribute to our goal.

Table 1: Renewable Energy Production of Lake County’s Built and Scheduled RE Projects
Built and Scheduled RE Projects Lake County Solar FIT Projects Project Horizon Pacific Power Lakeview Project Paisley Geothermal Plant Nevada Geothermal Electric (Crump Geyser) Total RE Produced
Annual Output in Kilowatt hours (kWh) 35,008 254,188 3,440,134 28,676,736 215,075,520 247,481,586

Table 2 shows how total renewable energy production will exceed average annual consumption of electricity.

Table 2: Lake County, Oregon’s Will Be A Net Exporter of Renewable Energy
Lake County Electrical Consumption (kWh) Per Year Output of Scheduled RE Projects (kWh) Per Year Difference between Electrical Consumption and RE production (kWh) Per Year
Pacific Power Surprise Valley Mid State Electric Sum Of Electrical Consumption
52,012,282 34,000,000 64,442,799 150,455,081 247,481,586 97,026,505

As table 1 and 2 show, the five renewable energy projects currently slated for production will provide more electricity than Lake County currently consumes. As long as all goes as planned, these projects will make Lake County a net exporter of renewable energy.