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Prospective Students

Interested in the educational opportunities offered at the ILC?

In the recent past, Lake County residents were required to move or travel long distances if they wanted to pursue post-secondary education. Now, the ILC is collaborating with Klamath Community College and Oregon State University to provide technical training opportunities and college courses in Lake County at the historic Daly Middle School.  Offered at this location are a variety of educational opportunities ranging from community education and non credit options to GED and college prep, dual credit and credit courses for students of all ages and backgrounds looking to start on the a post-secondary degree. This is made possible by two on-time, synchronous classrooms installed and operating in the Innovation and Learning Center.  In the close future another will be installed at the Lakeview High School, Lake District Hospital, and one in each of the high schools in Paisley and North Lake. This means that there are three different ways courses are offered through the ILC: in-person, synchronous, and online. This allows students more options to take courses from wonderful professors near and far.

Courses and Registration

For an updated list of courses and more information please visit the KCC Lake County page on the KCC website or contact Christy Tveit at 541-947-6663 or tveit@klamathcc.edu. 

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