Is this Oregon Lumber Company Reinventing How We Build?

Freres Lumber company based out of Lyons, Oregon has created a new type of veneer-based panel called Mass Plywood Panels. It is a competitor to Cross Laminated Timber and could be used for the walls and floors of multistory buildings. The panels use 20-30 percent less wood than CLT and can be made to order, cutting construction time from months to just days. It will not only cut time on the job site with the customization, but will reduce waste by having pre-cut door and window openings, and lower transportation costs due to its lighter weight. The Company is in the process of building its new plant to create the new Mass Plywood Panels, which will add 20 jobs to the Lyons area, as well as, up to 60 in the future.


To learn more about Freres Lumber and the Mass Playwood Panels visit:



2 Responses to “Is this Oregon Lumber Company Reinventing How We Build?”
  1. robert says:

    My name is Robert Cook .I will like to make a inquiry on Redwood
    Lumber, below is the specification of the Redwood Lumber.

    Redwood Lumber
    Size:4×4 s4s 8ft

    I want you to go ahead and quote me the total pick up prices plus tax and also advise me the method of of payment you do accept. Awaiting your response. Best Regards.

    • jimkwalls says:

      Robert, Thank you for your interest. However, LCRI does not sell lumber. Please contact the company directly.

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