“Lakeview Energy Efficiency Workshop Series” Underway!

LCRI completed the first workshop in their series of workshops aimed at local businesses reducing their utility bills. We recognize that in a small remote town their often lacks a market large enough to keep small businesses economically viable; that’s where this work comes in. It is our goal to help businesses reduce their overhead costs in the cheapest ways possible (either with low-cost/no-cost changes or with larger upgrades financed with incentives).

Buzz Thielemann  explaining the parts of a water heater and what potential problems to look for

Buzz Thielemann explaining the parts of a water heater and what potential problems to look for

Our first workshop was held Tuesday March 15th at Southern Oregon Goodwill. It was facilitated by Buzz Thielemann and Tom McDowell from Oregon Energy Green. This workshop was aimed at increasing participant’s energy literacy. As Buzz said in the workshop “you cannot control what you can’t measure” and you need to understand what those measurements are and mean. This workshop also addressed what no-cost and low-cost changes you can make in your building to decrease consumption and cost of operation. This includes getting new more efficient thermostats, checking your ductwork for issues, fixing leaky faucets (and the energy cost if you don’t), clearing out the bottom of a water heater, and making an informed decision about what lightbulbs to use, just to name a few.

You can watch the whole workshop here thanks to the Lake County Examiner.

Our next workshop is being held April 26th from 6-7:30 at Southern Oregon Goodwill (12 N E St). This workshop will be facilitated by representatives from Oregon Energy Green, Pacific Power, and Energy Trust of Oregon. They will be discussing incentives and financing available for larger upgrade you can do to your building to save money and what resources are available such as energy audits, which contractors to use, and how to maximize savings.

We hope to see you there! Please don’t hesitate to contact LCRI for more information. Sara Mercier, Community and Energy Coordinator at LCRI can be reached at saramercier@lcri.org or 541-947-5461.


Let’s work together to save our businesses money and reduce our energy use at the same time!

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