Red Rock Biofuels Breaks Ground in Lakeview, Oregon

After several years of preparation, Red Rock Biofuels has started construction on their processing facility in Lakeview, Oregon.  July 18, 2018 marked the start of this project. Red Rock hosted an event at the site location that was open to the public and partners. At the event, several project partners spoke about their dedication to mitigating the effects of climate change and sustainability including representatives from the Navy, Department of Defense, Federal Express, and Southwest Airlines.

Red Rock Biofuels will be producing renewable jet fuel using  waste materials from forest restoration projects. They will be sourcing and utilizing species such as western juniper, ponderosa pine, and white fir. Material that was usually piled and burned will now be chipped and transported of private lands at no cost to the land owner.

The county has welcomed this new industry into our area with open arms hoping to see job creation and a boosted local economy. This project signifies a major shift in the active pursuit of sustainability and is the first project of this scale in the country.  Red Rock hopes this business models can be used in the creation of other plants across the United States.

For more information about Red Rock Biofuels visit their website here:

If you are a landowner in Lake County and are interested in working with Red Rock contact LCRI at 541-947-5461

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