Renewable Energy Demonstration in Ontario, OR


Last week the LCRI Renewable Energy Trailer headed to Ontario Oregon.

Last week LCRI and Oregon Rural Action collaborated to bring the Renewable Energy Demonstration Trailer to Ontario, OR. It was an all-day affair starting early at Ontario High School.  Our Renewable Energy Engineer, Bob Rogers spoke with several high school classes about ways of utilizing renewable energy in their lives, as well as encourage them to get inspired by this technology and get in the forefront of this burgeoning field.


Bob Rogers presenting various renewable energy technologies to high school classes in Ontario, OR.


Bob Rogers encourages these young people, especially young women, to get inspired by this technology and to get involved in this growing field.

After speaking with several Ontario High School classes, we moved set up to the local cultural center.  Rogers presented his and LCRI’s work in using renewable energy as an economic development tool.


At the cultural center, Bob spoke with community members about ways they could apply renewable energy technology in a way that was affordable and could save them money in the long run.