Renewable Energy Demonstration Trailer

Renewable Energy Trailer

The demonstration trailer generated a lot of interest at the Irish Days celebration (Bob and Katie even drove it in the parade) and at the North Lake School Science Fair, March 2013. As a result of these events people are starting to approach us about bringing the trailer to other community events as well. We were invited to participate at North Lake School’s “Renewable Energy Day” on Tuesday, April 30th and share the trailer with the 4th and 5th grade classes. Also the trailer was present at the Courthouse in Lakeview on April 29th as a part of “Air Quality Awareness” Week. After that, we set up at the Christmas Valley Spring Bazaar on Saturday, May 4th and then on May 16th presentations were given at Paisley School to students in grades 3-12. Our next event will take place in Paisley on June 15th. We hope to see you there!

Items being worked on:

•Graphics for the trailer’s exterior

•Signage explaining renewable energy technologies and energy conservation

•Sprucing up the trailer interior and/or working on additional renewable energy demos

•Professionally designed outreach materials

•Planning outreach events in Paisley and Adel this spring

•Building a network of Renewable Energy Ambassadors (see Post on Ambassadors)

If you’re interested in scheduling an event for the trailer contact Emily at Solar Oregon, 503-231-5662,, or  LCRI 541-947-5461.


Paisley Workshop Flier

Paisley Workshop Flier