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Renewable Energy

By providing objective information about renewable energy to Lake County residents, businesses and community organizations, LCRI aims strengthen Lake County’s economy. Lake County is blessed with abundant renewable energy resources, and the county offers homeowners, businesses, and energy developers excellent opportunities to generate heat and electricity from solar, biomass, wind, and geothermal energy. LCRI’s renewable energy program provides technical assistance to homeowners, private and public organizations in renewable and energy engineering, as well as energy efficiency to provide a clearinghouse for renewable energy opportunities.

To assist in getting information out about renewable energy options for homes, businesses and ranches, the Oregon Department of Energy awarded Solar Oregon a grant to build a renewable energy traveling trailer. Solar Oregon asked LCRI to assist with the trailer and finding people interested in serving on the Lake County Renewable Energy Steering Committee. Visit the Renewable Energy Trailer posts for more information on trailer and events the trailer is scheduled to attend.

Read below to learn more about how LCRI can help you, your business, or your organization. Also, please watch Renewable Energy in Lake County to learn how Lake County communities and private business are working together to make use of the county’s renewable resources.

To view the PBS show This American Land about Lake County Renewable Energy click Here.

Renewable and Energy Efficiency Project Assistance 

We are offering a wide variety of assistance for farms, agricultural producers and small businesses interested in or currently pursuing renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in and around Lake County. Assistance currently covers:

  • Site Specific Consultations
  • Planning Assistance
  • Financial Resources

If you want to read more about the resources available to you, find more information here. 

Want to know if you qualify? Fill out a short intake form here.


 Storage facilities, factories, stores, and offices can all benefit from renewable energy. The large roof tops of commercial
Lakeview Pepsi Building

Lakeview Pepsi Building

buildings make great platforms for photovoltaic solar panels and heating systems. Through ground source heat pumps and above ground heat pumps, the costs of heating and cooling office builds can be significantly lower. To learn more about how LCRI can help your business please visit our business page. So far, LCRI has helped over 85 homes and ranches stabilize their energy costs and increase their disposable income through renewable energy. Let’s find out how we can help your business.


These panels were financed by the Oregon feed-in-tariff

Government agencies, schools, and non-profits can benefit from renewable energy too. Through technical assistance and informing government entities of grant opportunities, LCRI is helping organizations direct their funds toward accomplishing their mission, not paying energy bills. Projects we’re particularly proud of are the energy efficiency upgrade of the Paisley School and solar FIT project for the county municipal government. Check out our community page to learn more about how we’re helping Lake County.


Surprise Valley Electric geothermal plant in Paisley OR

In addition to providing great energy alternatives for the county’s homes and businesses, Lake County’s renewable resources also have a lot to offer large scale energy consumers and producers. With over a million acres of forests in desperate need of thinning, abundant and yet to be fully mapped geothermal hot water sources, 8,300 square miles of very sunny and inexpensive land, and abundant transmission lines, Lake County has a lot to offer renewable energy developers. To learn more about the county’s resources and see a list of developing projects please visit Lake County’s renewable energy page.


Roof-top photovoltaic solar panels

Whether through ground source heat pumps or solar panels, Lake County homeowners can drastically reduce the costs of heating and powering their homes. Go to our residential page to learn more about how home renewable energy can save you money. LCRI can help you select, design, and install a renewable energy system.

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