Senior Center packed for Red Rock Biofuels public info meeting

The senior center meeting room was at capacity last night with folks hoping to learn more about the possibility of Red Rock Biofuels LLC, a company that gasifies woody biomass into diesel, jet fuel, and naphtha, coming to Lakeview, OR. There were a lot of great questions asked last night about the its projected impacts on air quality, the forest, environmental assessments, job economy, and the rail system.  Overall, it was very informative and it was great to see the impressive attendance and we are proud of Lakeview and Lake County residents’ involvement in their community.

biofuels meeting

Jeff Manternach from Red Rock Biofuels LLC presented at the Senior Center on Monday, March 2 2015, to a large group of interested community members. The audience included private contractors, city and county employees, the U.S. Forest Services, nonprofits, environmentalists, and community members and others. It is always great to see this kind of large and diverse interest at public meetings.