Social Economic Monitoring Report

Social Econimc ReportFiscal Years 2012 and 2013

Eric M. White, Emily Jane Davis, and Cassandra Moseley

Excerpt from the ‘Executive Summary’

“The Fremont-Winema National Forest and the Lakeview Stewardship Group were awarded funding under the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration (CFLR) Program in 2012 for the 662,289 acre Lakeview Stewardship Project. The CFLR Program, administered by the U.S. Forest Service, seeks to increase restoration activities to improve the ecological conditions of forested landscapes while contributing to the social and economic wellbeing of communities located around national forests. The outcomes from CFLR project activities are monitored both through a standardized reporting framework established by the Forest Service and a customized, collaboratively-developed multiparty monitoring program developed for each project by local partners. The multiparty monitoring program developed for the Lakeview Stewardship Project examines ecological, social, and economic effects of the CFLR project.  This working paper comprises the social and economic components of the multiparty monitoring for the Lakeview Stewardship Project for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. In addition to examining the outcomes of the CFLR project, we also completed a baseline assessment of patterns of restoration contracting and timber sales on the Lakeview and Paisley ranger districts in recent years. ”

Excerpt from ‘Conclusions’

“Management actions on Forest Service land in Lake County influence the social and economic conditions in nearby local communities. Forest and watershed restoration activities completed by private businesses have supported jobs and income for workers in Lake County.

Much of the restoration service contracting in support of the CFLR project and other activities has been for labor-intensive work. On the Paisley and Lakeview ranger districts (and on other national forests in Oregon) that sort of work tends to be completed by contractors based outside the local area. In recent years, local businesses have been especially successful in capturing work to complete technical services, such as weed spraying and site assessments. Collins Pine and other local businesses have also captured equipment-intensive work for activities like mechanical thinning, mechanical piling, and road work. Local subcontractors working for Collins Pine are typically using heavy equipment to harvest trees, deck non-merchantable material at landings, complete road work, and other restoration activities. Because of Collins Pine’s long relationship with local contractors and the company’s capacity to work through the administrative requirements of working with the Forest Service, Collins Pine serves as a bridge between local contractors and restoration work opportunities on Forest Service land. Restoration work order contracts with Collins Pine likely provide the key way to increase the role of local equipment contractors in CFLR restoration activities.

Relative to baseline conditions in non-ARRA years, the first two years of the CFLR project has slightly increased the number of local jobs supported by restoration contracting with businesses in lake COunty. Contracts for CFLR-restoration with non-local businesses has also supported jobs and income in Lake County for support activities and general retail and services. Forest Service personnel are taking actions to increase the opportunity for local businesses to successfully obtain contracts for restoration activities in support of the CFLR project. SOcial and economic monitoring of the Lakeview Stewardship CFLR project will continue in the coming years. Future monitoring will provide indication of the effectiveness of efforts to increase the rate of local contracting for CFLR projects. An additional focus of future monitoring will be developing a more complete picture than reported here of how Forest Service partners help to accomplish CFLR work and achieve project goals.”

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Social Economic Monitoring for the Lakeview Stewardship Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project

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