Land Conservation and Development Commission

Land Conservation and Development Commission held their regular board meeting in Lakeview on July 19-20, 2012. Ken Kestner, Lake County Commissioner, Ray Simms, Lakeview Town Manager, and I gave the commission a tour of renewable energy Projects. The projects included the Black Cap Solar, Lakeview Solar, Town of Lakeview geothermal system for Warner Correction facility […]

Jim Walls speaks at TED-X OSU

On April 17th 2012, I had the privilege of speaking at the first Oregon State University TED-X program. Despite being nervous about being the last speaker of the day, the evening went really well. In fact being the last speaker turned out to be great. Bill Gates proceeded me (through a pre-recorded video) and spoke […]

Be wattsmart

Good news for Pacific Power customers. In collaboration with Energy Trust of Oregon, Pacific Power is now offering energy efficiency assistance to its customers. Yesterday, Tim Thomson of Energy Trust and Toby Freeman of Pacific Power gave a talk on wattsmart, Pacific Power’s energy efficiency program. The talk was held at Mario’s Restaurant in Lakeview, […]

PacifiCorp building a solar plant in Lakeview

PacifiCorp announced plans to build a 2MW solar system in Lakeview beginning in May 2012. Our goal of becoming the New Energy Frontier is happening. Here’s PacifiCorp’s press release.  

Oregon’s Ten Year Energy Plan

The State of Oregon has adopted a ten year plan for energy. The plan strongly supports renewable energy. The support is good and will buffer against the claims that will be made this presidential election year that all our the natural gas and oil needs could be met by the mid-western states. While it’s important […]